D. Scott Carruthers is the founder of The Law Office of D. Scott Carruthers, a legal practice based out of Stanton, California, specializing in commercial law, collection law, and bankruptcy law. In the more than 40 years since he founded his legal practice, Mr. Carruthers has developed a well-deserved reputation among both clients and colleagues alike as California’s premier debt collection attorney.


The Law Office of D. Scott Carruthers

With over 6,000 cases in which he has represented debt buyers, collection agencies, and large creditors, Mr. Carruthers has repeatedly bolstered his exceptional professional reputation while benefiting from the assistance provided by his law firm’s impressive team of asset locators, debt collectors, and support staff. The firm also has well-established contractual relationships with local process servers as well as other relevant vendors, helping ensure the firm is able to consistently deliver outstanding legal outcomes for the clients it represents.


Education and Early Professional Experience

Prior to founding The Law Office of D. Scott Carruthers and building a reputation as the state’s premier debt collection attorney, Mr. Carruthers studied law as an undergraduate while attending Illinois College. After earning a bachelor’s degree from Illinois College, Mr. Carruthers enrolled in law school at Western State University, earning his Juris Doctor degree while also working as a debt collector for GC Services, the nation’s largest collection agency at the time.

The experience working with GC Services as a debt collector proved to be an important turning point in the career of Mr. Carruthers. After passing the bar and founding his legal practice, Mr. Carruthers made the decision to focus on debt collection law as his practice’s primary area of legal expertise. Mr. Carruthers apparently made a strong impression during his time with GC Services, as the company was the first client to enlist the debt collection lawyer’s expertise through his newly founded practice, The Law Office of D. Scott Carruthers.


Professional Credentials and Additional Areas of Legal Expertise

In addition to his more than 40 years of experience as a debt collection lawyer, Mr. Carruthers is also able to draw on substantial litigation experience in matters unrelated to collection law and possesses an extensive list of professional credentials. Mr. Carruthers has served as a judge pro tem in Orange County, and is also a member of the California Bar Association, the National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys, and the California Collectors Association. Mr. Carruthers is also a founding member of the Debt Buyers Association.